Saturday, 7 March 2009


I did a short email Q & A with the fantastic Dum Dum Girls from Los Angeles California

What are your top Five records that relate to the music you make?
perfect prescription by spacemen 3, leader of the pack by shangri las, ramones s/t, psychocandy by JAMC, dum dum by the vaselines.

Top Five recent bands you've been listening to?
thee oh sees, catatonic youth, crocodiles, brian jonestown massacre, wooden shjips
Each Picture is linked to their myspaces.

When and how did you come about to collaborate with Blank Dogs on the Mayfair Set stuff?
He found me on myspace & asked to put out a record. i wanted to collaborate on a song for it, but instead we did it separately. he was working on "already warm" & left it with a lot of space to be filled, sent it to me, i did my thing, sent it back, etc. yousendit!

You cover both G.G. Allin’s Don’t talk to me & Sonny + Cher’s Baby Don’t Go, and apparently Play with Fire by The stones (though I haven't heard that one,) what inspires you to choose the songs you cover?
Poppy (or potentially poppy) songs i love that i play on acoustic guitar for fun, and that i think i can "do up" a bit differently. i'm obsessed with creating harmonies and sustained dissonance, total choral nerdy-things. ddg started as a recording project so all my time is spent playing with that side of things. i doubt anyone would praise my guitar work, but i'm happy doing that part simply so that i have a lot of room to explore vocally.

What are your ambitions beside making music?
That's the main one, but all my more minor ambitions still involve creating stuff. i like to take pictures, to write, to cook for my friends and family, etc.

Who or what inspired you to start making music?
I've felt compelled to since i was a small child. don't know how to explain it really.

And finally have you any plans to release a record and tour over in Europe and the UK soon?
Yes, probably not until the fall though. get ready! i'm lining up my helper angels now.

Can't wait for her to play in the UK!

Here are a couple of choice Dum Dum Girls tracks for your aural pleasure.

Dum Dum Girls - Jail La La

Dum Dum Girls - Baby Don't Go (Sonny and Cher Cover)

You can listen to the original here.